fe black machine


this mono black machine build dips into fallen empires to give it access to the versatile breeding pit. for the low cost of bb per turn, it gets a neat little 0/1 thrull token. these little guys can be used as blockers to hold off ground bound aggro decks early and function as combo pieces later on.

as hell's caretaker hits the board, ideally the deck has plenty of fodder on the board to ditch to the graveyard, especially if jalum tome is online as well. the fun then really starts as your bishops start making moves in the form of triskelion and tetravus.

finally, what would a breeding pit be without a lord? lord of the pit represents a threat that must be dealt with immediatelly. if not, he can win the game on his own, but while your opponent is looking for answers, you have plenty of time to keep recycling your trikes and tetras.


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