leprechaun ward


this jank brew just goes to show that synergy is a deckbuilder's best friend. the primary focus here is to use aisling leprechaun and lifelace to slowly turn your opponent's threats green. because of the leprechaun's ability, throwing a green ward on him makes him impervious to combat damage. once you start turning things green, your cop:greens will have your opponent at bay.

as mentioned though, synergy is the name of the game here. the deck sports the slick ifh-biff/spirit link combo to reign down hurricane winds while gaining you an equal amount of life. adding green ward to the mix means you can fire at will without the efreet killing himself.

force of nature acts as a finisher here while plaing nice with your suite of enchantments. don't want to pay the upkeep, just use the cop:green. this thing isn't tier one, but it can steal a game or two on opponent's confusion alone!


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