titania's prison


titania's prison is a variation of mono white prison that adds green to include titania's song as a win condition. this deck looks to gain control of the board and gain card advantage using its powerful artifact toolbox that includes winter orb, howling mine, relic barrier, and icy manipulator. once control is established, dropping the song leads to a quick win.

ofen built using bant colors, this version drops blue to include land tax and is optimized to run on just a few lands. in conjunction with sylvan library and howling mine, the deck can essentially dig through its library each turn to look for answers and combo pieces.

at the top of the mana curve, this song deck runs two copies of mirror universe. the mirror can be used to put you in a more managable position before trying to swing for the win when song hits the board, but also serves as a potent 6/6 if its ability isn't needed.


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